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Ultimate Power Impact Speaking and Presentations 

From the days of Socrates through all of history to today, it has been shown that those who possess and express the will and the skill to master the art of speaking and communication attain and sustain the highest levels of Impact,  Influence and Income in the world


Would you love to attain and sustain a higher level of





Every human being has a purpose and a message inside them to share in some way.  Whatever your purpose, your life direction and your means to get that message out, you will be more successful at creating what you want when you are able to "Inspire, Attract, Enliven and Impact" others through how you speak, present and communicate.

Ultimate Power Impact Speaking and Presentations draws on over 20 years of professional stage experience teaching, training and speaking in front of hundreds and thousands of people as well as intimate groups.  It also draws from many years of New York on-stage performance, and experience off the stage as a director. 

Specific essential skills have been identified from personal experience, and also through studying some of the greatest speakers through out history.  The tools of these programs are taught so that the participant integrates through an accelerated learning process.  They leave with not only the information of what to do and how to do it, but also with having experienced themselves in action doing it so they are ready to take their message to the world.  The advanced levels are designed so that you formulate your exact plan of action AND also create your content for a powerful, impactful program you will present.


Depending on the audience, the length of the event and the purpose of the program, we will draw from the following:


  • The role and benefit of mastering speaking in your life
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Clarifying your message
  • Identifying your personal style
  • Using Breathe, Voice, Posture and Gestures

  • Present Presence
  • Authenticity, Authenticity, Authenticity
  • Making the connection
  • Using humor
  • Story Telling 101 -- how to’s
  • Being (in) credible
  • K.I.S.S. -- keep it simple & _____
  • Using the fear
  • Seeding 101 for the next step
  • The rule of the Scouts
  • Just D.O.  I.T. (Dialogue, Observe, Inspire, Teach)
  • My mess or my message
  • Sharing your own story
  • Sparkle and Sizzle
  • The Power of Acknowledgement
  • Value, Value, Value
  • From your heart
  • Using Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic teaching style
  • Gaining instantaneous rapport
  • Answering questions and audience interaction
  • Asking questions to engage and connect
  • Hook your message
  • The 'WAS' -- Teach it, test it, manifest it
  • Lose the Power Point. Lose the notes. Lose the Podium
  • Understanding how the brain learns
  • Signature sayings
  • Commanding the room
  • Outline – Edit – Re-edit
  • Open and Close
  • Make your P.O.I.N.T
  • Cultivating stories into your message
  • Bring the audience to you
  • Connect your audience to their values
  • Be in the F.L.O.W. (feel, listen, observe, weave)
  • Presenting to different brain 'types'
  • Story Links  
  • Places to practice and present
  • Your message, Your way
  • Testimonials
  • The Power of the Pause
  • Keeping it real, making it fun, making it memorable
  • Congruency with your message
  • Review your content
  • The power of C.E.R  (connect, effect, re-direct)
  • Owning and using your stage

All programs utilize Whole Brain HarmonizationTM in which both the left detail- oriented and the right creative sides of the brain are activated for fuller integration of the material.  You will have fun while learning in an experiential way that brings you beyond step by step and technique.  We offer systems and we also draw out from you greater clarity about who you are in the world and how you can best communicate and share your message.  We create the perfect blend of tools and techniques with your own natural presentation style, so that you engage your audience and create tremendous value for them. 

Studies have shown that the number one FEAR most people have is public speaking.  Jerry Seinfeld has said that most people delivering a eulogy would rather be in the coffin than in front of a group of people! 

This doesn't have to be you.  You have what it takes to be who you are and powerfully share your message in the world.  The 'secret' to your success is inside of you. We show you how to authentically access it and express it.


"UP IS (Ultimate Power Impact Speaking) the only way to go"


 Testimonial of Alistair Lobo, coach/trainer from London



This is offered in a 5 day retreat for those who have learned the Basic Foundation Essentials.  The added bonus of this information is they include multiple experiential exercises and many opportunities for to give presentations and gain feedback.   Participants have an opportunity to integrate what they have learned and test it out in front of an audience. 

There are specific processes and time for you to create and develop your own presentations and programs while deepening your certainty, presence and ability as an empowered and empowering speaker and communicator.


By the time you leave this program you will have further mastered the skills offered  in the Foundation Essentials, as well as having created your own program which includes:


  • Your Message
  • Your Bio
  • The Opening
  • The Content
  • The Closing
  • Your Stories

You will have on stage practice and experience with an audience, and you will have refined:


  • Your stage presence
  • Your personal and authentic style
  • Audience interaction
  • The power of the pause
  • Using visuals and language effectively
  • Interactive exercises
  • Mind Links and Signature Sayings
  • Memory Triggers
  • Weaving story-telling
  • Weaving humor
  • Using the stage
  • The invitation "up-sell"
  • Having fun, while touching people's lives with your message...and more...



A unique advantage of UPIS is we do not have a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to our programs.  We recognize your company has specific values and needs.   At UPIS we custom design programs to meet your desired outcome.  After a short interview to determine your objectives, we will develop an outline that includes the necessary training to attain the results you seek.  You will then have input, and we will work together to create the programs that are right for your company. 



Ultimate Power Impact Speaking is not only for those who are intent on getting in front of an audience.  It is for anyone who has a message to deliver, a product to offer, a service to share, and for any person who relies on their ability to communicate effectively and inspire others into action.



Cultivating speaking and communication skills for the purpose of working with others naturally involves looking inside and deepening your connection to your own Self.  Many of the processes will take you on an inner journey.  This program is designed to teach you new skills and transform how you present to an audience.  Many participants report experiencing personal transformation.



Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler draws from her professional experience of performing on stage since the age of two in dance, musical theater, comedic and dramatic plays, singing with a band and numerous solo singing productions.  She also has experience as a play director.  This was a regular part of her life, until chiropractic college.  Shortly after graduation, she felt called to the stage again. This time it was to teach and share her knowledge and experience.  She was invited to share her wisdom with her colleagues at the world’s largest professional development seminar program for Chiropractors and their staff.

Since that time she has become an in-demand international speaker, teacher and trainer -- enlivening, inspiring and opening her audience’s heart and mind to powerful life transformation.  Whether in a one hour keynote, an evening event, a weekend workshop or a week long retreat, people leave her room feeling they received more value than they even hoped for or imagined.  They have greater clarity about who they are and where they are going, and they have a concise plan to get there.  Whether teaching an audience of a dozen or speaking in front of several thousand, Dr. Nadler has the uncanny ability to make each person in the room feel she is directly connecting to them. As a result, they receive her message and are moved to use what they learned in their life. 

Dr Denise Ariahna Nadler has worked with individuals, small business and corporate team members of million dollar and billion dollar companies and organizations.  Ultimate Power Impact Speaking has been effective in building speaking, communication and presentation skills, individual accountability and success, greater enthusiasm and focus, as well as in strengthening team work, generating outstanding results, and creating a connection to purpose and inspiration. 

Some of the companies and organizations who have benefited from presentation programs are:

  • MasterCard
  • Merck Medical
  • Marriott
  • McGraw Hill
  • Estee Lauder
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Lehman Brothers
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Police Department of Stamford
  • Government office of Westchester County
  • New Haven Public School
  • Parker School for Professional Success
  • Valman International
  • Professional Secretaries Association
  • International Nurses  Association


"Thank you for taking me to the next level with my speaking.  I finally feel confident in my abilities. I've taken other speaking courses and never learned what you teach.  I know I will enjoy giving my presentations much more, and I look forward to a Retreat with you." ...Bob Silver, Massage Therapist / Life-Style Coach, Connecticut

"I learned more about myself and what works for me and I feel a huge burden has been lifted.  You made it fun and easy to immediately apply.  I am ready to go!”Alan  Cosello, Acct. Executive, Lehman Brothers, New York

 “I closed more sales following the last program than in any week of my entire career.  I can’t wait to see what happens after this. Amazing!” ...Jennifer F., Senior Sales Rep Merck Medical, New York

Some of the notable professionals Dr. Nadler has been a featured presenter for and/or shared the same platform with:

  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Dr. John F. Demartini
  • Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • Dr. James W. Parker
  • Dr. Virgil Chrane
  • Dr. Scott Walker
  • Dr. Bernie Siegal
  • Dennis Waitley
  • T. Harv Eker
  • Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones


"Dr. Nadler feels her audience and conveys tangible, shared, heartfelt experience. I have heard her speak to large groups of professionals dozens of times and have seen her achieve standing ovations. I encourage you to not hesitate to utilize her unique talents for your organization’s needs."....Dr. Scott Walker, Founder and Developer of NET, California

"Throughout my life there have emerged exceptional human beings that have left their distinctive marks in my consciousness. Individuals that have touched my heart strings or that have inspired me to probe inward to access my innermost potential.  Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler is one such special being. Her words of wisdom act like inspiring songs that awaken the hearts and minds that hear her important message"....Dr. John F Demartini, The Demartini Institute

"Dr. Denise Nadler is a masterful speaker, with a powerful message from the heart. She blends innate understanding with practical knowledge. She helps us think and see more clearly. She is uplifting and inspirational.."....Dr. Virgil Chrane, President International Alphabiotics Association, Texas


"UP IS (Ultimate Power Impact Speaking) the only way to go"


Contact us today to schedule a consultation to see what program design would be best for your organization and/or your business: info@healingintegrations.com 

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