SOULutions for LIFE

Leave struggle behind, embrace ease and joy at:


The Space Where Spirit SoarsTM


a transformational 5-DAY retreat to awaken to your true power,

connect to who you truly are and create the life you want



Do You Ever Feel As If Something Is Missing In Your Life?


     The modern technological age we live in and our day-to-day responsibilities have pulled us further away from a deep connection to our ‘self’ and to others.  The outside world constantly bombards us with the ‘shoulds’ of life—‘who’ we should be and ‘how’ we should be and many of us have lost the sense of self which empowers our life with confidence and clear direction, calmness and inspiration. 


Beyond the realm of our physical material world is the essence of ‘who’ we truly are — the light of our Spirit, the place where we are centered and aligned, where we know our magnificence and have the certainty to live from that place of inner power —‘The Space Where Spirit Soars’.   


Perhaps nothing is truly missing… just forgotten.


     This program is designed to bridge the gap between the life you are living and the one you would love to live.  It is about connecting to your Spirit, accessing your authentic Self, tuning in to and hearing your inner voice and letting your heart be your guide.  It is about discovering, uncovering and recovering your true self, your awesome presence and your inner magnetism.  It is about expressing your highest potential so you can attract and create the life and the relationships you deeply desire.  It is about living with power, freedom, grace and flow while continuing to expand your consciousness so you truly know the design of your Divine Destiny and live your life magnificently.



“This is one of the most powerful weekends I have ever experienced. It gives you many opportunities over the weekend to re-connect with your true self and your soul. It enhances the best of you that is often hidden behind a mask. It teaches you how to re-create your life the way you would love it to be. This weekend brought back the essence of who I really am.  It gave me back my power that I had given away from not understanding.  If the persons in front of you are your mirrors, I love what I see.   Thank you for making this possible for all of us and for following your inspirations.”...Rachel Blouin, Naturopath, inspired artist, Canada



“The Space Where Spirit Soars " is an inspirational and experiential program which merges over 20 years of study and practice of processes and teachings presented in a unique format, combining ancient tools with current knowledge. During your experience at the retreat:


  • You will develop a deep unbreakable connection to your TRUE Self, your Spirit and your Soul and discover how to listen to your inner voice and create a life you love.
  • You will  uncover the space where your spirit soars and discover how entering it brings incredible energy, wonder and magic into your life.
  • You will enjoy the experience of relaxing and communing with your self.
  • Yo will develop a greater sense of self love and appreciation for who you are.
  • You will attune to your intuition for clear direction and answers you are seeking. 
  • You will have an opportunity to set aside linear, structured thinking to try to find the 'answers' and tap into your expanded, creative and intuitive thought.
  • You will become more integrated and radiate more brilliance through whole brain thinking. 
  • You will feel a sense of calm and a more natural flow about your life and find inspiration and profound appreciation about who you are and where you are going.
  • You will develop a deeper connection to the healing and transformative power of sound, music, movement, silence and nature and attune to what makes your heart sing. 
  • You will experience a greater state of centeredness and certainty and feel clarity about the decisions and the direction of your extraordinary life.

     Drawing on an eclectic background that includes traditional and non-traditional healing arts and modalities for connecting to the spirit, this program integrates a powerful array of tools for inspiration, healing and transformation including:


  • The current scientific knowledge of quantum physics and brain chemistry explained in a way so that you can utilize the wisdom to empower your life. 
  • The knowledge and experience of tapping in to the higher brain centers profoundly activated by vibrational sound techniques.
  • The philosophy and teachings from the Egyptians, Greeks, Asians, East Indians and other rich cultures to enhance knowledge and illicit healing through transformation of the energetic systems in the body and expanded states of higher consciousness.
  • The Shamanic teachings of ‘all oneness’ through medicine walks and vision quests.
  • The indigenous cultures’ knowledge and connection to the earth and all things in nature.
  • The myriad of ancient resources for understanding and integrating the power of sound, voice, movement and story telling to ignite expansive thinking and creativity
  • The tools to dream big and the strategies to manifest those dreams and more...


At this beautiful, nourishing and peaceful location, we will get away from the overload and chronic stimuli of our active lives, commune with nature, the trees, the grass, the sun, the stars and explore the four elements within of air, water, fire and earth.  We will work with color, sound, movement, breath and music to remove the emotional, mental and physical blocks inside so that our brilliant spiritual light will shine more brightly.   You will feel a profound transformation in your perceptions of who you are and where you are going in life as you attain greater balance, harmony and a powerful sense of knowing your Spirit.  You will connect to the appreciation, love and grace of your life as you discover a new level of freedom and creativity while developing a sound connection to your energy source so you can live what you love.



“This is a rich program that helped me get in touch with my inner voice, my inner light.  It is a spiritual retreat that connects one to self, nature and the universe.”... John Vanderwhitte, H.S. Counselor, Washington


“This is a magical weekend where you, through nature, sound and music, connect to yourself as a whole person.  You make a connection with the universe and experience the realization that you and others are stars living side by side in order to create this beautiful picture in the sky.  Through your own experiences and the experiences of others, you learn and grow, search and know.”…Joann Meunier, Entreprenuer, Canada


When was the last time you spent time immersed in the beauty of Nature, the glory of Music and Sound and the freedom of Movement, while enhancing your connection to

Your Inner Power, Your Self and Your Spirit?


Now is the time for you to Awaken to the Light and Magnificence of Your Life!



Some of the Benefits of this Extraordinary Program:


  • Connect to the space where your Spirit soars
  • Develop a more loving and appreciative relationship with yourself
  • Release struggle and embrace ease and joy 
  • Align yourself to resonate with and create what you want in your life
  • Empower your self to create and attract relationships that support who you are
  • Uncover hidden beliefs, perceptions and emotions that block you and discover how to release and transform the blocks from within
  • Tune in to and receive inspired messages and visions from your Spirit
  • Create more balance of your feminine and masculine energy
  • Experience the healing and transformational power of nature and sound
  • Open up your creative expression and creativity thinking
  • Activate and utilize both sides of your brain - become more ‘whole-brained’
  • Reveal unrecognized talents and abilities
  • Express yourself more clearly and authentically
  • Use your inner creativity and power to move through life’s challenges
  • Rejoice in the freedom of your heart’s expression to live the way you want to live

“This was an amazing experience I didn’t think I would ever have the visions I did or discover these new things about myself.” ...Jackie age 14, student, New York


“Just when I think I’ve ‘done it all’.....  From the way you merged left brain learning with right brain creativity, encompassing the light, color, sound and nature that is a part of our world, I got to see myself with new eyes.  Thank you for your vision.”...Dr. R. Chiropractor, Florida    




If you are settled and comfortable in your life…..

This is an opportunity to refresh your enthusiasm and inspiration for your daily life, your state of well-being, your creative expression, your work and your relationships.


If you are at a cross-road or feel stuck in any area of your life…..

This is an opportunity to clear the inner conflict, clarify your desires and gain certainty about the direction of your life.


If you are single or in a relationship…..

This is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with yourself and your personal power and magnetism, thereby strengthening your relationship and ‘attract ability’ to others. This is an opportunity to deepen your love and appreciation for your Self while you deep your love and appreciation for the people in your life.


If you are a busy professional or an active and involved parent…..

This is an opportunity to take time for yourself, connect with your inner voice, take care of what YOU want and renew your Spirit.


If you are tired or not feeling healthy and whole…..

This is an opportunity to have a unique and powerful healing experience that will have lasting effects on your body and your mind.


If you are interested in your personal and/or professional development…..

This is an opportunity to stay on track and broaden your knowledge and understanding by integrating some of the most cutting edge tools and techniques for inner transformation and growth.




Leave your schedules and stresses home and have fun while you learn and

enhance your connection with your Self and other people. 

In the beauty of Nature, through unique transformational tools including the

power of Music, Sound and Silence, Movement and Creative Expression you will

have a memorable and meaningful experience.


This program is offered in beautiful New England at an amazing retreat center which is the ideal setting for “The Space Where Spirit Soars”.  Centrally located in New England, 30 miles from the Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut and 100 miles from NYC it is on meadows, woods, & brooks off a quiet country road in the beautiful Northwest Hills of Connecticut.  It offers indoor & outdoor sanctuaries for meditation, creative thinking & spiritual development, wholesome, healthy and delicious meals, breads & desserts baked on the premises and a colonial style brick building which houses people in pleasant private and semi-private rooms.  


When was the last time you took time off, not just for a break, but also for a break-through in your relationship to your Self, others, your work and your purpose?


This could be the perfect time for you!



Dear Friend,


     If you have gotten this far in the reading, then you are probably already feeling the call to attend this program.  Great leaders such as Galileo, Columbus, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King all demonstrated that  it takes great courage, desire and discipline to transcend the collective consciousness’ of the outside world’s judgments and opinions to travel their own path and DISCOVER, KNOW and  FOLLOW the guidance of their INNER VOICE, their INTUITION and their HEART’S CALLING and TAKE ACTION, no matter what, to MANIFEST what they want in their life and their world.


     Many of us want to experience a spiritually guided life but we have been taught to look OUTSIDE our selves to learn the way to live, to focus on the material world rather then master the ability to turn INSIDE and listen to the VOICE of our own SPIRIT.


     When was the last time you gave your self the opportunity to get ‘away from it all’ so you could find a deeper knowing of what matters to you most, where you let your self be immersed in processes and practices to deepen your relationship with your SELF, investing time and energy in building your connection with the VOICE of your SPIRIT, strengthening your personal POWER and MAGNETISM, counting the blessings in your life with GRATITUDE and freeing yourself to attune to your inner WISDOM so that you can TRUST your self, APPRECIATE who you are, where you have come from and what you are capable of and design the life you want to live -- with CERTAINTY that you can and will live it?


     There will be multiple transformational sessions at this program to give you many opportunities to experience profound and lasting inner shifts.   We are in the ‘process’ together from the time you arrive until the time you leave.  The cost of this program is significantly less than if you were working private with me and the group will be small enough so that I can connect with each participant directly. 


Please note:  There are often partial scholarship programs available.  The scholarship is in part because I believe in rewarding people for taking action.  I also believe that those who have a sincere desire in their growth path deserve the opportunity to participate without the barrier of finances.   Please contact us if you want to know what current scholarships might be available to you.


     In working with thousands of individuals for nearly 20 years, I have been fortunate to witness awesome transformations and perceptional shifts.  This program was created to offer an acceleration of the personal development path and the opportunity for you to experience inner change as a result of a new reality occurring with the reflections of the ‘self’ as well as the self in relation to others.


     This program was first presented in 1999 and has been well received by many in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  I am grateful for the blessing of the amazing individuals who have shown up to create the perfect group for an experience that includes transformation, inspiration, learning, healing and growth.  I hope you will be part of the next program.


     In this retreat, we look within and we also learn through the energy and synergy of others -- which can create profound awareness that might not otherwise be realized in work you do alone.  Imagine spending a several days fully immersed in the transformational process and attuning to the Voice of your own Spirit…..


     I believe true power is a product of the strength of our relationship with our Self.  From there we develop solid relationships and a powerful life.   I hope you will be inspired to know for your self what the experience of this program would be like for you.  


Have a wonder-filled day!


With Gratitude,

Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler


P.S.:  Secure your spot and enter into the space where YOUR spirit soars.


“If you are going in circles and you want to break out of it, you must attend this.  The experience will give you the sight and power you need to break the mold.  Come and see for yourself”… Al Shahjahan, CEO, CT.


“You will encounter of brilliant and intuitive experience and find resolve in personal questions, personal desires and attunement to your inner self.” …K. Hall, Account Executive, CT.




  • Because you are on a transformational journey and you are a spiritual seeker
  • Because you want to better listen to the wisdom of your heart
  • Because you want to feel greater purpose and meaning in your life
  • Because you want to increase your spiritual knowledge and your connection to your spirit
  • Because you want to create more balance in your life
  • Because you would love to take time out of your busy life for your self
  • Because you want to trust your intuition and your inner voice more
  • Because you love to spend time with other like minded individuals
  • Because you want to express your abundant creativity in your life
  • Because you love your Self--and you deserve it


"The Space Where Spirit Soars" is a profound retreat designed to assist you in developing and maintaining your connection to your inner voice so you will have greater certainty about who you are and where you are going in your life and have the courage and certainty to bring your dreams to manifest.


When was the last time you spent a time immersed in the beauty of Nature, the glory of Music and Sound and the Freedom of Movement while Enhancing your connection to Your Self and Others while Communing with Your Spirit?


Now is the time for you to Awaken to the Light and Power of a Soul-Filled Life.



Email Us for more information and to find out the dates of upcoming programs: 



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