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'Be Who You Are. Be extraordinary. Be brilliant. Be you. It's Time'
....from the CD 'It's Time' © 2001Ariahna Spirit Music




What makes ‘Ariahna – Voice of Spirit’ unique?


     The lyrics to her songs are designed to uplift, inspire and literally transform.  Her stunning voice has a healing vibration that touches the heart and soul of those who hear her. Her first CD is presently 19 countries around the world and 3/4 of the United States. 


     In September of 2001, she released her second CD and in its first week, it was already in 4 continents and 18 states.  She has performed her music nationally and internationally and opened for world-renowned author and speakers Dr. Wayne Dyer and presented at Dr. John F. Demartini’s Celebration of Wisdom and Yearly Certification Programs as well as Dr. James Parker and Dr. Karl Parker's conventions.  Ariahna has also been a featured trainer for T. Harv Eker’s, Peak Potentials.


     She began performing and writing songs at the age of five.  The decision to become a doctor of chiropractic at the age of 16 re-directed her life focus.   Since 1988, she has been instrumental in assisting thousands of individuals on their healing journey.  As a doctor, Ariahna (aka. Dr. Denise Nadler) recognized her purpose to assist in bringing the body back into balance and order.  Her post-graduate certifications gave her skills to integrate healing on a deeper level, through the emotions, the mind/body/spiritual connection and the energy and vibrations of song and sound. 


     Because she knew there is a direct link between music and healing for many years she used other people's music in her work.  In 1998, Ariahna finally decided to go into the studio and began to record the songs she had been writing through the years so she could incorporate her own music into her work.


     Shortly after receiving her chiropractic license, she opened a successful wellness practice.  She also became a personal /professional consultant, coach and mentor and started teaching transformational programs at seminars and conferences around the world.  Later, she added her music to her own programs.  Hands-on work as a chiropractor for over 15 years, and her experience with sound and vibrational healing along with her teaching work has given her the opportunity to empower people in having awesome transformations in their lives. 



Who would benefit from the music of ‘Ariahna – Voice of Spirit’?


Anyone who:


¨      seeks inspiration, motivation and uplifting experiences

¨      wants to awaken their voice and better express themselves in the world

¨   understands the power of sound, song and the vocal expression to elicit inner shifts

¨      feels lost, confused, a sense of despair or is living in chaos and conflict

¨      is seeking a deeper connection to themselves

¨      desires healing and transformation

¨   wants to have fun and en-JOY



“Your music is exquisite.  The range of your voice is truly awesome.”…Dr. Pat Gayman, President Empower U Coach, Nevada          

"You should be heard by millions of people on television shows like Dr. Robert Schuller.”    Michael Wyman, Business Consultant, New York

“Your music fills the room and touches people in a magical way.”…Toni Robino, CEO of With Flying Colours, Ohio



Why is the music and voice of ‘Ariahna - Voice of Spirit’, so important now?


     With the ongoing challenges of world events, people of the United States and all over the world are feeling confused and fearful.  They see chaos, disorder and destruction. 


     With all on the outside so difficult to comprehend, this is the time – more than any other time perhaps in our history, to go within.  This is the time to connect to our own Spirit for wisdom, our own heart for guidance and our own Self for healing. 


     All healing, transformation and love comes from within. ‘Ariahna – Voice of Spirit’ brings inspiring lyrics and soul stirring singing to elicit feelings of inner harmony, peace and joy in the listener. She is a powerful performer with an enchanting and spellbinding voice.



Available for:


v     Seminars 

v     Retreats

v     Keynotes

v     Workshops

v     Training Programs

v     Professional Programs

v     Benefits

v     Conferences 

v     Special Events

v       Conventions




"Ariahna has a powerful feminine presence, excellent command from the stage, tremendous heart and a beautiful voice. She delivered her program with both energy and fun connecting beautifully with our students and staff alike. 


She is undoubtedly a master in her field. If you are interested in heart opening songs, uplifting group participatory singing and an inspiring and fun musical program, I encourage you to hire her for your event.  Your audience will be glad you did."


David Wood

Master Trainer, Peak Potentials Training





How To Use The Music of Ariahna


     Ariahna, with her stunning voice, can be the musical entertainment for your next conference, convention or special event.  She can open the program with an energizing musical experience and weave music throughout the program to inspire and create unity within the group.  You can also host Ariahna to present concerts as well as transformative musical programs in your area.  As a performer, she brings a unique healing and learning experience to her audiences. Each of these programs can be offered alone or in combination with the others.

      Concert Music: Your group can sit back, enjoy and relax as they connect with Ariahna’s beautiful and inspiring singing and profound, poetic messages through song.  Her lyrics and music will expand your thinking, open your heart and speak to your soul – setting your Spirit soaring.


         Harmonic and Healing Sounds: Ariahna uses a quartz crystal ‘singing’ bowl, which produces meditative healing sounds. Along with her lovely voice, you will feel your mind and breath come into balance as the sound resonates within you, eliciting a mystical connection to your self.  Your group will learn how to create your own sounds and experience powerful healing within and witness it in others.  


            Fun Making Music: Using drums, rattles and other instuments from around the world, Ariahna will guide your group to play music from their hearts.  Everyone will be able to participate by playing, singing simple songs and changes from various cultures and just have fun while quieting the mind and expressing the music that is inside them. 



The Power of Music


Throughout history, music and  sound has been valued by people of advanced societies and indigenous cultures.  From the Egyptians to the Aboriginal people -- to the Asians, Europeans and Native Americans, singing and music making have been used to achieve a state of balance and well being and for healing and spiritual uplifting.   The term “musical medicine” was coined in ancient Greece where it was understood that music could be used to cure physical, psychological and spiritual disturbances.


Many current scientific studies prove that through the use of music, sound and song, people reduce stress and also learn and process information more quickly and with greater ease.  Additionally, the benefits include accessing creative ideas, relaxing and experiencing incredible healing.


This is a rare opportunity to profoundly empower the individuals at your next program with a unique presentation from an acclaimed performer who is also a gifted healer.    






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"Be Extraordinary. Be Brilliant.  Be YOU.  It's Time."
.. Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler
Business Strategist ~ Personal Growth & Healing Catalyst
Laser Mentor Coach & Intuitive Healer
Internationally acclaimed Transformational Teacher &Thought Leader  
Connecticut. New York. Worldwide.
Demartini Method Training Program Teacher
Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator
Breakthrough Experience Program Teacher